Sunday, August 16, 2009

Team Kill Edward

Dear Nordstrom,
I would like to sincerely thank you for ruining the wardrobes of thousands of mentally deranged, over-obsessed teenage girls.
Angrily Yours,
Maliha Khan.

Now, not only do you get to watch the movie and read the book, you get the opportunity to become a walking billboard and an object of ridicule with slogans such as, "Team Edward/Jacob" written all over you. The only thing Nordstrom has done right about this terrible excuse of a clothing line, is releasing it in the month of October. It perfectly coincides with my annual hunt for a Halloween costume. So join me and a stampede of other girls in the search for the perfect Halloween costume, I mean ... fashion forward ensemble. GO TEAM MALIHA!

Courtesy of Nordstrom


  1. I agree. The books were really good, but it's only a book. Girls are overly obsessed with it and it is kind of sad.

  2. ALSO. EDWARD does so not match the description of edward from the book! and y would anyone want someone who gives u everything. sheesh what a boring life.

    = )

  3. this is amazingggggg ! <33333 and i totally agree with everything :)

  4. i agree withh you. xD Overly obessive edward fans piss me off SO much. Plus, he looks like a girl in the movie. :/ haha ahem okay..

  5. I think it was funny even if I do not know that it was a book hehehe

  6. Maliha,
    You are too funny!!! And right on. Yuck!

    I'll pass along your suggestion to my wife about the Halloween costume.

    The books were OK, but I was rooting for Jacob.
    (Yes, I read them. Ahhh.....!!!!!)

    I thought a more appropriate ending would have been......Bella becomes a vampire. Jacob and his pack kill Edward. Bella kills Jacob. Bella lives alone for eternity having her daughter remind her of both of them every day. That would make a kick a... T shirt!

    Bring Back Pluto
    "ONE of THE GUYS"

  7. and you also get wear the twilight makeup coming out next month.

    xoxo anna