Thursday, August 20, 2009

6126? Call 911.

Disgracing Marilyn Monroe, Lindsay Lohan's new line has managed to push the boundaries of atrocity even further. 6126, a name deriven from Monroe's birthday, carries leggings ranging from $44 to $132. Not only is the price outrageous, but so are some of the designs. The only reason you would need kneepads built into your tights is to protect you from objects people will send your way when they see you wearing them. So go ahead, blow a hundred dollars on these ugly things, twenty more for getting them dry-cleaned (which you need to do for some pieces) and $9839 for your healthcare.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Team Kill Edward

Dear Nordstrom,
I would like to sincerely thank you for ruining the wardrobes of thousands of mentally deranged, over-obsessed teenage girls.
Angrily Yours,
Maliha Khan.

Now, not only do you get to watch the movie and read the book, you get the opportunity to become a walking billboard and an object of ridicule with slogans such as, "Team Edward/Jacob" written all over you. The only thing Nordstrom has done right about this terrible excuse of a clothing line, is releasing it in the month of October. It perfectly coincides with my annual hunt for a Halloween costume. So join me and a stampede of other girls in the search for the perfect Halloween costume, I mean ... fashion forward ensemble. GO TEAM MALIHA!

Courtesy of Nordstrom